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Energy efficiency

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Energy efficiency ...

Good for our system and good for member-consumers

Energy efficiency is one of the most cost-effective resources Associated Electric Cooperative provides to meet its mission of providing a reliable and economical power supply for members. Energy efficiency helps members save on their electric bills while giving Associated Electric another tool to control the rising cost of producing electricity.

That's one of the reasons Associated launched its Take Control & Save program in 2008, building on distribution cooperatives’ longtime energy efficiency efforts. Staff from Associated Electric and member cooperatives reviewed research and analyzed the most cost-effective and workable energy-efficiency measures for the three-tiered system.

Associated Electric also offers commercial energy audits, a business lighting rebate program and has partnered with the state of Missouri to implement several energy efficiency programs.

Visit our Take Control & Save website.

2.03 billion kWh saved

From 2008-2018, AECI and member co-ops' more than $60 million investment includes:

  • 2.6 million CFLs distributed.
  • 29,401 Energy Star appliances rebated.
  • 25,636 high-efficiency water heaters rebated.
  • 15,831 heat pumps rebated.
  • 11,692 residential energy audits.
  • 6,524 weatherization improvements.
  • 1,616 participants in business lighting program, who will save a cumulative 1,023,434,831 kWh during the lifetime of the lighting equipment.

Projected kilowatt-hour savings over lifetime of the improvements to date:

  • 2.03 billion kWh
  • Enough energy to power about 143,000 member homes for one year

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