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Associated Electric Cooperative

Generating affordable, reliable electricity for members is what we're about.


Clean, Affordable, Reliable Electricity for members

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Like our members who work the land and enjoy the outdoors, we are committed to caring for our environment. It's what we do.


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We're stewards of our members' resources. We understand ultimately, all costs are paid by our rural electric cooperative members. That drives us to innovate and find ways to provide reliable power in the most economical way.

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Reliable electricity

According to a national survey, members receiving electricity supplied by Associated Electric rank their co-ops among the best for reliability, customer service, rates and value.

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For members

Associated employees serve a three-tiered system of cooperatives every day by focusing on our mission to provide an economical and reliable power supply and support services to members.

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About Associated Electric Cooperative

For 60 years, Associated Electric has provided reliable, wholesale power generation and high-voltage transmission to our six transmission co-op member-owners. They supply 51 local electric cooperatives in Missouri, Iowa and Oklahoma serving about 935,000 member homes, farms, schools and businesses.

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We use a mix of generating resources and technologies to make sure we deliver electricity at the lowest cost possible to our member transmission cooperatives, and we balance that mission with environmental stewardship. Associated Electric Cooperative uses the lowest-cost resources first -- typically hydropower when it’s available, then coal, natural gas and wind energy.

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Service area

Associated Electric Cooperative supplies power to six regional transmission cooperatives that serve 51 distribution cooperatives in Missouri, southeast Iowa and northeast Oklahoma.

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Board of directors

Associated is member-owned, member-governed. This includes a board of 12 directors charged with determining the strategic direction of the cooperative.