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Our responsibility: A message from

 Associated Electric’s CEO and general manager

 As an electric cooperative owned by and accountable to our members, Associated
 Electric creates value by generating electricity responsibly, reliably and affordably. This

 is not a new objective of the cooperative; it has been our long-term focus. This report
 details some of our many accomplishments and the ongoing work underway to make   Planning helps reduce carbon footprint
 good on our commitment to deliver responsible value to Associated’s six G&T owners   Associated’s long-range environmental planning is key to responsible stewardship of the air, land and water
 and the 51 member distribution cooperatives they serve, ultimately providing electricity   on which our rural communities depend. When forming our long-term investment and development plans, a

 to 2.1 million consumers.     range of scenarios undergo evaluation, which includes carbon emissions.
            Certainty on the regulation of carbon emissions remains elusive. The Environmental Protection Agency put
 As we plan for an energy future that is constantly evolving, we know three things for certain:   forth a new plan, the Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule, under the Trump administration. It was released in
            August 2018, replacing the Clean Power Plan, which was introduced in 2014. In January 2021, the D.C. Circuit
 Responsibly generating electricity isn’t optional, it is a way of life for our cooperative. Making the right   Court vacated the ACE rule, sending it back to EPA to develop a new rule. Even so, Associated continues to
 decisions for the right reasons ensures effective stewardship of the environment and safeguards our members’   responsibly improve and manage its carbon footprint.
 quality of life.
            Associated’s goal is to always remain compliant with all environmental regulations.
 Reliability cannot be sacrificed in today’s energy dependent world. Businesses throughout our three-
 state system depend on electricity for their livelihoods. Now as much as ever before, members require reliable
 power for their communities and lives at work and home in rural Missouri, Oklahoma and Iowa.

 Affordability for members through low-cost power is essential. The economic well-being of our members
 is top priority for us every day. At Associated, we never forget who pays the bills.

 We understand member expectations will evolve over time. Our pledge is to build on our rich heritage, carefully
 evaluate the present and continuously prepare to serve members responsibly and with exceptional value into
 the future.


 David J. Tudor, CEO and general manager

                                                   Clear Creek Wind Farm began delivering electricity to Associated in 2020.

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