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Generation diversification means carbon    Natural gas generation additions mean less carbon

 emissions rate declines
            Our additions of efficient combined-cycle natural gas generating units emit about half the CO2 of a coal unit.
            Having a diverse fleet also provides reliable power to the members we serve.
 Associated’s diversification of its resource mix has positively impacted carbon emissions. Overall, the coopera-
 tive’s carbon dioxide (C02) emissions per megawatt-hour produced has continued to decline. For 2020, carbon   • Dell Power Plant built in 2007 (+580 megawatts).
 emissions were 1,217 lbs/megawatt-hour – a 33.5% decline since 2005. This 15-year downward trend in the   • Chouteau Power Plant 2 added in 2011 (+540 megawatts).
 CO2 emissions rate has been achieved through additional renewables, plant heat rate improvements and
 increased natural gas generation.

                                        Resource changes bring options
 CO2 rates declining

 pounds/MWh                                         Total generation




                                 COAL • GAS • WIND • HYDRO • PURCHASES

 2005  2006  2007  2008  2009  2010  2011  2012  2013  2014  2015  2016  2017  2018  2019  2020

            Past and present: wind energy leaders
 Since Associated’s first wind farm was complete in 2006-07, Associated had reduced its carbon emissions rate 33.5% for total
 generation, including member and nonmember energy sales.
            Associated’s signing of long-term purchase agreements, as well as the cooperatives’ strong high-voltage trans-
 Coal power sources change over time  mission system, helped bring the first utility-scale wind farm to Missouri in 2007. Today, Associated buys all the
            output from eight wind farms located in Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. Although wind energy is an intermit-
 An important source of 24/7/365 reliability, coal power sources in the Associated system have changed over   tent source, Associated’s wind contracts provide price certainty for up to 25 years.
 time. Maintaining adequate coal power resources ensures reliability while allowing developing technologies
 time to mature. But as Associated diversifies its generation resources, coal capacity has been reduced.    Newest wind power additions add to alternative energy

 • Chamois Power Plant decommissioned in 2013 (-68 megawatts).    Associated added about 470 MW of wind energy in 2020, taking its contracted wind energy resources to
 • Grand River Dam Authority Unit 2 contract vacated in 2016 (-198 megawatts).   1,240 MW of nameplate capacity that led to multiple new wind production records. Construction on 111
            turbines at the 235-MW Tenaska Clear Creek Energy Center began in spring 2019, and the farm was declared
 Recognizing the need to accommodate an increasing level of intermittent and renewable power on the sys-  commercial in May 2020. In December 2020, the 236-MW White Cloud wind farm, operated by Enel Green
 tem, Associated made significant investments in the technology and equipment required to improve coal unit   Power North America, began commercial operations with 89 turbines. These two farms in northwest Missouri
 lower minimum operating levels while maintaining emissions compliance, improved ramp-up times enable the   advance Associated’s strategy to deliver reliable, affordable, responsible power to member systems and con-
 system to better manage increasing amounts of renewable, intermittent power.   tribute to the cooperative’s diverse and balanced energy mix.

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