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Power plant careers

Photo of Brittany, electrician, in front of electronics cabinets in power plant with this key word and quote: Job satisfaction. "When I have an issue, I can trouble-shoot it and get it working properly. That’s the best feeling.”

Meet Brittany, the mojo behind our mission

The U.S. Navy selected Brittany’s career. When she enlisted, the Navy placed her with electricians, where she worked in a nuclear power plant aboard an aircraft carrier. She served six years, learning a craft that matched her high-school interests in science and mechanics. “It worked out pretty great,” she adds.

Now with Associated six years as an electrician, she performs preventive maintenance, inspects electrical equipment, makes repairs and trouble-shoots issues. “We keep everything working as it should to keep costs low for member-owners,” she said. The variety of work interests her, and she likes the challenges with new and old equipment and programs, the sense of achievement and teamwork. “We work very well together. I always know if I need help with something, I can go to someone. Everyone is very willing to help.”


We meet our mission by employing a skilled workforce from a variety of backgrounds and training, including engineering, human resources, safety, maintenance, instrumentation, materials management, chemists, heavy equipment operators, document management specialists, mechanics and more!

If you enjoy the challenge of maintaining electrical or mechanical systems, you may be interested in learning more about our entry-level power plant positions periodically available.

Each position – from the office staff to the engineer to the yard equipment operator – is critical to the safe and reliable operations of the plant facilities.

We employ about 400 employees across our generating fleet. Our two coal-based plants are essential to providing low-cost energy to member systems. Those plants, New Madrid Power Plant and Thomas Hill Energy Center, were constructed from 1966 to 1982 and have been an integral part of their communities in providing quality, changing and challenging jobs since that time. 

AECI's natural gas fleet, totaling 2,753 megawatts, adds flexibility to its resources. Associated employs about 20 skilled persons at its combined-cycle, natural gas Dell Power Plant, as well as employees who operate or serve as liaisons with the contracted operations and maintenance firm at all its simple-cycle and combined-cycle natural gas plants.

Join our diverse team to help provide power to the communities we serve across Missouri, Oklahoma and Iowa.

Power Production divisional facts and responsibilities:

  • Power plant operations.
  • More than 5,100 megawatts of owned generating capacity.
  • Maintains boilers, generators and balance of plant equipment.
  • Measures power plant and equipment.
  • Converted to burn low-sulfur coal in 1994, reducing emissions.
  • Plans plant engineering and improvements.
  • Manages environmental, health and safety programs.
  • Oversees boiler code compliance efforts to ensure boiler safety.
  • Continuously evaluates best practices and new technology applications.
  • Works safely to ensure an accident-free workplace.

The mix matters

We use a mix of generating resources to ensure an affordable, reliable, responsible power supply for member systems.